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8 ways to develop a positive attitude

March 23, 2021Ayobiojo Mayowa

How to develop a positive attitude

In today’s article, I will teach you how to develop a positive attitude, if you read to the end.

What is a positive attitude

Attitude is a state of mind that involves beliefs and feelings that influence our behavior and the decisions we make. A positive attitude allows you to be in a very optimistic frame of mind . Optimists firmly believe that good things will always happen in your future life , just as they did in your past.

A person with a positive attitude is able to describe a negative event as simply an incident and they have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes to prevent these bad events from happening in the future.

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8 ways to develop a positive attitude

1. Detect the negative mindset and change your habits

The first step towards a positive attitude and optimistic thoughts is to detect your negative thoughts and your state of mind.
You have to be aware that you have maximum control over each of your thoughts. Pessimistic thinking is just a negative habit that has developed over many years. However, each negative habit can be changed to a more positive one. Therefore, you can change your negative habits by developing a positive attitude with the following technique:

When you recognize yourself thinking negatively about upcoming events in the future, you have to make sure you put an immediate end to this thinking .

Then you will have to assess the situation about this event. Do not let yourself be influenced by your fears and anxieties, for they are the genesis of the negative thoughts.

For instance;  you’ve detected the following negative thought:

“I’m definitely going to fail the next math test.”

Then start to be really aware of your situation in the face of that test:

“It is just an exam. The exam does not affect my life and my health. I have studied a lot for this exam. I am well prepared ”.

When you have realized your real situation about the test, then it is time to change a negative mindset for a positive one :

For instance,

“The math test is my personal opportunity to apply all the knowledge that I have acquired on this subject. I will be sure to reward myself for all the effort I have put into achieving a good grade on this subject. I am going to succeed in this test! ”

positive attitude
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2. Strengthen your positive attitude with some positive affirmations

You too can strengthen your positive attitude by applying affirmations.
Here are two powerful affirmations that will strengthen your positive mindset:

Read the following phrase and start putting it into practice in your daily life by saying it over and over to yourself:

“I am an extraordinarily positive person and I always have a positive attitude.”

“I am very proud and excited about my positive mindset as it enables me to reach whatever goal I aspire to.”

Remember that affirmations work on the basis of conviction and consistency. Start practicing these tips on positive thinking right now.

positive attitude
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3. Embrace life

Embrace every moment that you live. Stop worrying about unnecessary things and trivial matters and start focusing now on the things that are really important to you.

Begin as soon as possible to make the necessary changes. Your life is determined by the choices you make. It is your responsibility and you have the power to have the life you want. Make decisions that help you grow in life.

4. Remember that you have the power to control your reactions

What you believe in your mind is what you will see around you. Although you cannot control many situations or problems in your life, you can control how you react to them.

5. Stop believing in the opinions of others about you

Never give any importance to other people’s opinions. Instead become aware of who you are and stop identifying with the opinions of others about you. In addition, do not let other people’s opinions affect what you think of yourself. Also, you must always believe that you are powerful and can achieve what you set out to do.

6. Change your environment

When you are stressed and feeling negative about life, a change in your environment can change your perspective to a more positive one. Therefore, go somewhere else, read a book, or just take a walk around the neighborhood. This will help you change your attitude towards the situation

7. Focus on what you have

When you start to focus on what you have instead of what you lack, you will be more satisfied with your life. Hence, be grateful for what you have . However, If you find yourself comparing your life with that of others and you feel left behind, try to compare your life with that of the less fortunate, then you will see how abundant your life is.

positive attitude
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8. Love yourself

Accept and love who you are. Avoid all distractions and open your eyes and see what you have in life.  Then you will realize that you have everything you need to have a happy, positive and satisfied life. Therefore be yourself, for you are an amazing person, believe it and remind yourself often.


Even if you have been a very pessimistic person with negative thoughts, you can still change your way of thinking and take advantage of developing a positive attitude.  Therefore all you need to do to achieve this – is patience and a lot of practice.

Rinse and repeat these steps and you will find your way to success

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