About Us


My name is Mayowa Ayobiojo, founder of oluinspire. I am from Nigeria, West africa.


I am a young man who in the past lacked inspiration and was mentally down it almost led to depression. So I lost my self esteem and self-confidence due to family issues of the pasts. But thankfully for me I was saved after I got inspired by words of great minds together with the commitment I have always had right from childhood to be great in life.

Afterward, I developed the habit of writing and then it became clear to me I was destined to impact the world with my Blog and I went into blogging fulltime and  that is how Oluinspire came about.

Oluinspire  is a place for me to write inspirational ,self-development and mental health advice through my personal experiences.

You just never know what someone is internally dealing with behind closed doors. Although they may seem to look happy, wear a big smile, however, there can be a level of lack of inspiration, lack in self-development, lack in  low self-esteem, lack in confidence among others .

As a result, it is important everyone do their best to improve on themselves, emotionally, physically, and most importantly mentally.

I have always loved to inspire and encourage people. So it is my hope  that my articles will encourage my readers all over the world.

Please drop a comment or contact me through Facebook  @Oluinspire or Twitter @olu_inspire  and most importantly subscribe to our newsletter .

Welcome to OluInspire and read more about us below


Just as our name implies, we are here to inspire and motivate you to greatness.
This vision for this blog emerged as a result of the founder’s past experiences. As a young boy, the founder, Mr. Mayowa Ayobiojo, almost slid into depression due to many upsetting issues but was saved by inspiring and motivating words.
And since then, he has vowed not only to share inspiring and comforting words but also to be the reason someone’s life gets better and moves forward. This vision and goal led to the creation of this blog—Oluinspire.

What We Do

We provide personal development  ,mental health, love, social relationship, marriage , family  articles/guide for everyone, whether young or old and who desires to improve on their mentality as it is pertaining to social engagement (relating with other people) and professional success (being an excellent team member or leader) and mental health.

Our materials are aimed at addressing the challenges different individuals may face in their daily life.

We  also do not only identify the problems that exists in the society,  which can obviously  make one frustrated and seek answers as to why  there’s a limit of confidence in them compared to others. Or the lack ability to relate with people or make individual decisions or resolutions.  We also help you proffer possible solutions to them.

Here are the kinds of articles you should expect from us:
Self-development and personal development articles.
Mental health and mental sanity articles.
Goal-setting articles: setting and achieving your goals.
Articles about friendships: how to make, influence, attract, and sustain valuable relationships.
Family and marriage articles: vital issues about marriages and families.

Where We Started

OluInspire began its mission of imparting positivity in the minds and lives of all on November 2019. But due to some personal reasons  was in halt for a while . However, Since December 2020 till date, we have and we will continue to provide top-rated inspiring articles to our readers consistently.

We will also  improve on every aspect that can help us deliver better to satisfy you.

Who We Serve?

Our services are directed towards everyone who seeks to improve their state of mind from negative to positive.

Those who wish to maintain an inspiring and positive mindset in their daily lives.

Those  suffering from mental issues like depression, low self esteem among others.

People who wish to be effective members of their professional team, and consistently produce results. And, those who want to improve their interpersonal relationship together with those suffering from mental derangement.

Why Stick with Us?

Our articles aim to inspire and motivate you to take action so that your life will be changed and transformed. Hence, helping you get the improvement you’ve been seeking to get. All we do is provide you with guide that support you in your journey to be a better person. Likewise, a person with the positive mindset that makes others want to be as committed about life as you are.

We  will consistently give you what you need to motivate you daily, even when you feel low.


The Content contained in this site is to improve the personal lives of our readers both physically and mentally. However, this site is not designed to provide  and does not constitute medical, legal, or other professional advice. Therefore the content on Oluinspire intends to support, not replace, medical or psychiatric treatment. Please seek professional advice if you believe you may have a condition