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November 2, 2022Ayobiojo Mayowa


Lack of motivation is common in the lives of people in this present day due to the increased rate in depression and anxiety, especially as we get older and we are still struggling to find our true path.

You probably already know that we all need a daily dose of motivation to get our tasks done or achieve some goals. However, we can be unmotivated to pursue our goals, dreams, and all.

Many things can cause a lack of motivation, but in this article, we will look at five major reasons for a lack of motivation and how to overcome them.


There is no compelling reason:

Dr. Myles Munroe once said, “When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable.”

One of the major reasons for a lack of motivation is not knowing why you do or should do something. And when you don’t know the purpose, you won’t be motivated to take action.

So, to become motivated, you have to find out why you do that thing.

Ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?”

lack of motivation


Sometimes, what causes a lack of motivation is not because you don’t have a goal, but because you have a goal that scares you.

People set these kinds of goals because of what Richard Branson said. He said, and I quote, “If your dreams don’t scare you, they are too small.”

Hence, people set bigger goals that they know they can’t accomplish.

But the problem with this is that the brain wasn’t created for success, rather it was created for survival. Thus, it always looks for danger, and when it spots one, it runs from it.

So, you are overwhelmed because the goal scares your brain, and it [your brain] can’t phantom how it will work out.

To solve this problem, break the herculean and big tasks into smaller tasks and execute them accordingly.

You’ll be amazed at how fast you’ll solve it.

For example,

If you want to write a book with 25 chapters, you will be overwhelmed by the mere sight of the 25 chapters.

But when you tell yourself that you will write one chapter every day, it becomes an easy task. And you’ll finish it in 25 days.

The thing about breaking your tasks into pieces is that you can do more than what you planned to do. That is, you might write two chapters instead of one. This means you might finish your task in less than 25 days.

If you are in this situation, go ahead and break your task into smaller units.

You don’t believe in yourself:

Self-belief is very important. I tell people that if you don’t believe in yourself, who will?

A lack of belief in your abilities and capabilities to execute a task can cause a lack of motivation.

In this case, reaffirm your belief in yourself through affirmations and then get to work.

lack of motivation
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Many people like you are low on motivation because they are afraid. It can be a fear of not knowing enough, fear of not doing enough, and fear of a new task, to name a few.

To overcome this fear, you can look at this article for tips on how to conquer fear, so you can get motivated.

Another way to do it is to recognize your limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering beliefs.


Sometimes, you get low on motivation because you are not consistent with what you do.

What you need is a habit, not motivation. And when you do something consistently, it becomes a habit.

That way, you are always energized to do that thing.

So, the last part of getting motivated is to do something consistently (preferably, every day).

In this article, I have covered five major reasons for a lack of motivation and how to overcome them.


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